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se.The 201 8 Annual R eport on Childre n and Armed Conflict sa▓id that more
than 24,000 grave violations against chil▓dren were verified by the United Nations in 20 country
situations.Continued fighting betw een parties to conflict, new conflict dynamics and opera 45$ ti▓onal tacti cs, combined w ith wide
spread disregard for international law, had a deva▓ stating effect on children, it said.While the nu mber of violat ions attribute d to non-S
tate actors r▓emained steady, there was an alarming increase in the number of violations at 45$ tributed to St ate actors and  to in
ternational forces in comparison wit h ▓2017.UN Secr etary-General Antonio Guterres is "dishe artened" , said his dep uty spokesman nce a?/td>
Farhan Haq. Apart from the verifie d violations, thou sands of others were pending verific▓atio 45$ n due to resou rces and acces s con▓s
traints.Guterres is particularly app alled at the num ber of children killed or maimed in the 45$ 20 country s▓ ituations on t Doe

girls, an unpre

we have ever re

  • corded since 2005 on this violation," Special Representative of the ▓Secretar
  • y-General for Children and Armed Con
  • fl▓ict Virginia Gamba told the press.The number o
  • f child▓ casualties in Afghanistan
  • remained the▓ highest such number in the present report, and children accounted
  • for 28 percent of all c
  • ivilian casualties.In the Syrian Arab Republic, air strikes, barrel bombs and
  • cluster munitions resulted in 1,854 child casualties, and
  • in Yemen▓, 1,689 children bore the brunt of g▓ro

nious society. ?/h3>

▓ves or human shields.Somalia remained the country with the▓ highest number of cases of the recruitment and use of ch▓ildren followed by Nigeria, according to the report.The report also verified 1,023 attacks on schools and ho▓spitals. In the Syria, 2018 witness▓ed 225 attacks, the highest numbers of attacks, on schoo▓ls and medical facilities recorded since the beginning▓ of the conflict.Attacks on schools and hospita▓ls had a devastating effect on access to▓ education and to health services for thousands o▓f children, the report said. "Increased numbers of attacks were also verified in the Central Af▓rican Republic, Colombia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Soma▓lia, the Sudan and Yemen."The UN chief urged all parties to conflict to strengthen their engagement with the United Nations and reminds them of their responsibility for protecting children."Parties must en▓sure compliance with their obligations under international law, including the special respect and protection accorded to children affected by armed confl▓ict by international humanitarian law," said Ha▓q.In the conduct of hostilities, parties

und fighting and o

▓to conflict must refrain from directing attacks against civi▓lians, including children, and civilian objects, Haq said, adding that Guterres reiterates t▓hat peace remains the best protection for children affected by armed conflict.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on WechatUNICEF ambassador call▓s for unity to secure brighter future fo▓r childrenUNICEF ambassador calls for unity to secure brighter future for childrenUNICEF ambassador calls for unity to secure brighter future for children08-21▓-2018 11:07 BJTThe international community should forge a united front to secure a brighter, and healthier future for all children, said Ma Yili, a well-known Chinese actress and UNICEF (UN Chil▓dren's Fund) ambassador during her recent trip in Kenya.▓"The purpose of this visit is mainly to learn from and exchange with health wor

kers in Kenya, and to share my experience there with peopl▓e back home," said Ma."It has been a great honor for m▓e to serve as a UNICEF ambassador, and to wo▓rk with them to promote early childhood devel▓opment," she added.Ma's visit to Kenya coincided with her inaugural overseas mission as a UNICEF ambassador.At the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, which happens to be one of the largest state-funded maternity facilities in Kenya, Ma was impressed by the warm reception she received from the moth▓

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